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Welcome Back

Welcome FFA we hope you all had a great summer! Just a couple reminders. We have a meeting September 16th at 6:30. Hope to see you all there, and if have yet to pick up your membership form please see Ms. Schultz!

State FFA Convention Highlights

Congratulations to the members who represented ACGC at this years State Convention! Highlights include:

Star Agriscience- Daniel Williamson

8th place Farm Business Management Team- Ethan Melberg, Daniel Williamson, Hattie Kragenbring and Brittney Schultz

9th Place Individual Dairy Evaluation- Taylor Fester

19th Dairy Evaluation Team- Gold- Taylor Fester, Wilson Gratz, Vince Lee, and Eric Melberg

Best Informed Greenhand-Bronze- Trey Schmidt, Vince Lee and Eric Melberg

1st Ag Mech, Repair & Maintenance Proficiency- Brittney Schultz

1st Agriscience Research, Integrated System- Daniel Williamson

2nd Agriscience Research, Integrated System- Darrin Williamson

2nd Diversified Ag Production- Daniel Williamson

3rd Diversified Livestock Production- Daniel Williamson

2nd Dairy Production Entrepreneurship- Taylor Fester

2nd Goat Production- Daniel Williamson

Gold Diversified Crop Production Placement- Kari Schultz

Gold Diversified Crop Production Placement- Karla Schultz

Gold Sheep Production- Ryan Peterson

Gold Ag Services- Ethan Melberg

Gold Grain Production- Wilson Gratz

Gold Turf Grass Management-Darrin Williamson

1st Plant Systems Agriscience Fair- Daniel Williamson

3rd Food Products & Processing Agriscience Fair- Darrin Williamson

State Degree Recipients: Brittney Schultz, Ryan Peterson and Daniel Williamson

Choir: Darrin Williamson, Trey Schmidt, Hattie Kragenbring, and Savannah Stafford

FFA Members Prepare for State Convention!

Many ACGC FFA teams and groups are heading to state convention. Our Dairy judging team placed seventh at their regional event. Trey, Darrin, Savannah, and Hattie are participating in state choir. Also Hattie, Daniel, Ethan, and Brittany are competing in Farm Business Management. Ryan, Daniel, and Brittany are receiving their state degrees. Best of luck to our FFA members.

April Chapter Meeting

Reminder FFA Officer Interviews start at 1:00 on Monday April 22nd in the Ag room. Please sign up for a time using the link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AihhLPNiplSTDYozP751q67Up_yKBIhJhNn_DojDzxY/edit?usp=sharing

Please arrive in official dress and 10 minutes before your scheduled interview time, you also may want a copy of your application.

The April meeting will be April 22nd at 6:30 in the Ag room. Topics that will be discussed will be region banquet and summer SAE visits. The students will also be voting on Outstanding Middle School FFA member and Outstanding High School FFA member. The slate of new officers will also be presented.

Concluding the FFA meeting their will be a meeting for members attending State Convention and what that schedule will look like. More information on this later this week.

April Meeting Recap

Hello all,

I hope everyone has been enjoying their spring Monday we had out April Meeting there were multiple topics and awards that were voted on. If you haven't please head to the FFA Classroom page and vote for Outstanding Middle School Member, Outstanding High School Member (9-11) and Outstanding Senior. These members will be recognized at the Chapter Banquet on Sunday May 19th at 1pm in the high school cafeteria.

Chapter Banquet:

  • Please fill out this google form with an approximate number of family members who will be attending our banquet on Sunday May 19th at 1pm in the high school cafeteria.
  • The FFA Chapter will be providing pulled pork sandwiches and a beverage, but we ask that each family bring a side or desert to share.
  • FFA members should be in official dress, if you need an FFA jacket to wear please come to my room on Friday May 17th to pick one up.
  • Google Form: https://forms.gle/p8rBabxRAmJZzFTy8

State Convention:

  • We will be having 12 students participate/recognized at the State Convention next week April 28-30th. If you are interested in watching the session click on the link below.
  • Proficiency Winners will be recognized at 1:30 on Monday April 29th: Taylor Fester 2nd in Dairy Entrepreneurship, Brittney Schultz 1st in Ag Mechanics and Repair (headed to National Convention) Darrin Williamson 2nd Integrated Agri-Science, Daniel Williamson 1st Integrated Agri- Science (headed to National Convention), 2nd in Goat Production, 2nd in Diversified Livestock, 3rd in Diversified Ag
  • Choir Concert: 5:30 pm Monday
  • State Degrees 6:30 pm Monday: Ryan Peterson, Brittney Schultz, Daniel Williamson
  • Star in Agri-science 6:30 pm Monday: Daniel Williamson
  • Agri-Science Fair 8:15 am Tuesday: Daniel Williamson 1st Plant Systems, Darrin Williamson 3rd Food Systems
  • State Officer Candidates Announced 11:30 am Tuesday: Daniel Williamson
  • Watch here: https://www.youtube.com/minnesotaffa

SAE Visits

  • This summer I will be conducting SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) visits, my goal is to visit with every FFA member this summer at their place of employment or wherever they do their SAE. If you don't have an SAE at this meeting we will develop a plan for you.
  • This meeting will also be a time to answer any questions you have about FFA and set goals for your time in FFA please use the link below to sign up for a day. I will contact you to set up a time for the visit as the day gets closer.
  • A mock agenda will also be added to this email.
  • SAE Visits

State Fair CHS Miracle of Birth

  • If you love the MN State Fair and livestock consider applying to work at the CHS Miracle of Birth Center here https://www.mnffa.org/chs-mobc
  • Applications are due May 1st

May Meeting

  • TBD

Atwater Festival

  • June 14th we will be hosting a petting zoo
  • Volunteers Rabbit-Savannah, Hedgehog-Trey, Calf-Vince. Goat-Daniel, Chickens-Hunter
  • If you would also like to volunteer an animal please let me know. I will get more information on time at a later date.

Other news we now have a FFA website: https://ffa.acgcfalcons.org/

If you haven't follow us on Instagram and join the Facebook page for more updates.

If you have any questions please let me know!

Thank you,